KickStarter Pathfinder Leadership Development Course

What's impeding your success?

If you're a business that understands

the value in being proactive in coaching leadership skills training for your new employees, then let's talk. Let's give it a test run and measure the results. 

What's trending for me as a leadership coach?  iGens on the Rise & young millennials

I am encountering proactive iGens and young millennials who may have recently or will graduate, and starting their first business corporate position seeking coaching. Many are viewing our current world and deciding they want be conscious, ubuntu leaders, canceling out the toxicity they are seeing or experiencing.  They want to succeed in their career and life endeavors.   

The KickStarter 8-week or 12-week coaching program is designed to enhance your new leadership trajectory. A recent graduate received a 30-minutes consult.  We briefly introduced him to linear vs lateral thinking, the 33% rule, personal leadership branding, and communication work styles, excited he left the consult. He landed his first corporate internship job. He then signed up for the full 3-month Kickstarter coaching course to enhance his leadership career  trajectory.

You don't have to be an iGen or young millennial to benefit and learn from the course.  If you are new to leadership in the workplace, organizations or even leading your life and desire an accelerated start in leadership for your career, teams or life, KickStarter is the place to begin. 

If you want to be proactive and run a team or group through the program increase effectiveness, awareness and cohesion, KickStarter is a good beginning. 

Downloads for Kick Starter Course

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