Coaching A Struggling Executive

I worked with a  senior  manager promoted in a Fortune 500 company.  He led a department.  His organization health index number, performance ranking which measured his group's overall success and satisfaction with his leadership, were in the tank. HIs attrition rate (people fleeing the organization) was 40%,


He was unaware and totally oblivious to the ineffective leadership style he practiced. He had bought into the mantra that leadership looks like......"   Therefore  he adopted authoritarian/coercive leadership styles, instead of being confident in who he really  wanted to be as a person, leader and drawing upon his unique strengths, personality and abilities he possessed. 


We had  a limited time frame of eight months revamp his current  trajectory. 


We coached and  trained to tap into developing his unique hidden talents, update his leadership understandings, and utilize his real strengths of who he was at the core. The assessment helped to pinpoint specific areas focus on. 

After coaching and training, his score increased significantly. Even better, his team and organization actually liked working under his leadership.  Here's another great part, he successfully led his life and his organization from a place of authenticity and enjoyment.  Words not often associated together or practiced in his business world. 


"Thomas (aka TBone), excellent job on providing some conflict resolution leadership training.  We were ready to simply disband the group and go our separate ways.  Your "shared understanding" techniques and application really worked well for our non-profit group and even created a closer bond.  Not sure how you did it, but it was freakin awesome! Thanks for helping while you were here. We are now helping more  people, productivity for the project increased . Both groups are working together.   You were worth the investment."

- Chris, New Zealand Sustainable

Coach TBone thanks for the awesome motivational talk at our conference this year.  Our organization walked away enthused and excited about creating the environment of trust that you shared. You did a great job closing.  Everyone mentioned that after a long day of talks, your presentation fired them up and they wanted to change the world by leading like they care." 

  - Anita, The Courage Conference, Pittsburgh

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