Become a Confident & Effective Professional Leader

The KickStarter Pathfinder Leadership Course is designed to help anyone who wants to become a confident and effective leader without wasting tons of time and breaking the bank. It's rigorous, to-the-point and practical. Start the leadership coaching program now while discounted! Offer expires soon! Limited seats available.  If you are an organization and would like to run your entire group or team thru the program feel free to contact us.

We are adding ELROI reports, KickStarter Newsletter and the Leadership Groove from the HUB to this offer for limited time. 

"I attended your leadership course when you facilitated at the University of Phoenix in January.  We were required to take leadership classes for our 12-month executive leadership development.  TBone, of all the  leadership courses I have taken, this was the best class.  Not boring, engaging, interactive and insightful. Now to see you condensed a full year into 3-months is awesome. 

   -   Jami, CA Health Services -

"As a young millennial entering the workplace not only were your courses and training timely, but some of the best I have received so far.  Working as  an engineer I enjoyed how you integrated neuroscience research in explaining some of the "ins and outs" of communicating effectively. You have packed so much into this new program.  I am signing up for it now. " 

      -  Ellen, Dept of Toxic Substances -

" Week 3 coursework on Conflict resolution management, plus the group coaching were key in helping me to resolve a current remote work issue with a colleague.  Your "shared understanding" and FMD technique worked like a charm.  Thanks for that tool. Our group is progressing with productivity." 

   -  Danny, Chief Mgr Dept of Resources -

KickStarter Pathfinder Leadership Course

Learn fundamental practical leadership development skills to kickstart your career

 and become a leader people want to follow


Message & Develop Leadership Motto

  • Linear vs Lateral Thinking

  • Draft and Craft You Leadership Motto

  • The Six Daily Leadership Disciplines

  • Personal Leadership Branding

  • Building Growth Mindset

  • Judger vs Learner Mindset

  • Great Leaders Inspire Action

  • Building Out 3-Month Vision

  • Signs Priorities Are Off Track

  • Personal Productivity Tips

Determine Leadership Style That Fits

Unearth Your Conflict Management Style

  • Dynamic Fluid Leadership

  • Know Your Style

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Leader vs Leadership Distinctions 

  • 7 Power Sources of Leadership

  • Questions Effective Leaders Ask

  • Setting Clear Vision

  • Creating Buy-in

  • Confident Decision Making

  • Basic Seeds of Conflict

  • Perspective of Conflict

  • What's Your Conflict Management Style

  • Conflict Management Assessment

  • Dealing with Difficult People w/o Strangling Them

  • Conflict Tactics

  • Difficultly Level of Resolution

  • De-Escalation


Assess Your Leadership Motivation Level

  • Motivation: Intrinsic or Extrinsic

  • Motivational Leader Assessment

  • Why Should People Follow You?

  • Ego Power

  • Motivating Others When I Have No Charisma

  • What Motivates Me 

  • The Lie About Motivating Your Team

Polish Your Interpersonal Skills

Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Assess Your Communication Work style

  • Team Demographics

  • Assess Your Dominant Language Contribution

  • Hard Skills and Soft

  • Negotiation Elements

  • The Negotiation Challenge

  • Do's and Don'ts of Negotiation

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • The Whole Person

  • Core Competencies of EI 

  • Basic Skills in Developing EI

  • Micro Expressions

  • Emotional Hijacking & Oatmeal

  • Mood Meters

  • Most Power EI Skills 

  • Darkside of EI


Pinpoint Your Actual Strengths

  • Determining your Real strengths

  • Strength Finders Assessment

  • Anatomy of Strengths

  • SIGNs 

  • Good Doesn't Mean Strength

  • Let Your Strengths Speak

Navigate Your Communication Roadblocks

Personal Coaching- Focus & Implement

  • Internal Communication

  • Above and Below the Line

  • Congruency Inside & Out

  • But Your Body Language Says...

  • Utilize your 3 coaching sessions  to select 2 areas the focus on for the next month.  You will create a strategy to implement, follow-through, follow-up, assess, evaluate, next steps. 

Sorry, the last 12-week session for has already started  

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"Leaders understand strategy and prepare for the future now."

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Who is This For...

1.  You want to consciously, confidently and effectively lead your group, teams or organization with less stress, more gratitude and enjoyment.


2. You want to be proactive in reaching toward success not only in your career or business but living a more fulfilled life. 

3. We will be starting from the ground up so the program can take you from zero to hero--however, this program is also great for a refresher and getting back into the game.

4.  You are willing to put in some work - this program works when you do.  

Who is This Not For...

1. If you cannot dedicate several hours each week to work and develop the skills toward better leadership through the readings, videos, assignments, exercises, and coaching office hours. 

2. If you are not interested in a program that is designed to develop valuable leadership skills.


Seriously considering joining the program.  Click below and provide your name and email.  You will receive a personal email from Coach TBone to let you know if there are spaces available for the next session.