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 Thomas incorporates neuroscience, ubuntu, and current methodologies in his leadership development coaching and training.

He developed and honed his skills in conflict resolution, leadership analysis, corporate & business training, streamlining operations and team coaching while employed at Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, CPS HR over past 20 years. IPEC certified.

I worked for a Fortune 100 company in early 2000's.  They piloted an in-house executive coaching program to determine the benefits and efficacy of executive coaching.  Our group of trainers were selected to undergo extensive premier leadership coaching taught by industry leaders. After receiving 12-months of training, we were unleashed on executive volunteers for 12 months. The end of the pilot, execs measured 20% increase in performance, reported 47% greater job and life satisfaction, 27% increase in confident decision-making and the overall group's average bottom line increased 11%. With those results the company validated the pilot and then outsourced.  

I used those learned and developed skills in all my leadership training and coaching positions. In 2014, with a foot still in training, I started my business of leadership development facilitation and executive coaching.  Assuring my training still prevalent, I matriculated IPEC coaching certification and then became ICF member for ACC credentials. Utilizing my studies in psych, languages and leadership development, I created the Revamp Leadership Center. One of my memorable early gigs involved conducting training needs analysis, on-site leadership training, and conflict resolution of two executives whose in-fighting was creating a lull in productivity for a non-profit organization in New Zealand. 

Awarded  Independent Consultant Trainer of the year by Association Talent Development (ATD) here with Best Selling Author Shola Richards


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"Thanks TBone! Your latest leadership training course "Lead Like You Care" is fire. The transformation over the past 3 months  with our millennials and inexperienced  leaders has been great.  The training is producing the culture and atmosphere we needed to empower our team and put everyone on the same page.  Your innovative engaging training  is hitting the mark. We all loved the "Girl Power Leadership"section and neuroscience of creating trust." 

 - Jean Whitaker, General Manager


"TBone we are in debt to you.  Our non-profit group had been stifled for over a year, due to in-fighting in the leadership. We ignored it and hoped it would resolve itself.  Then members began leaving, projects and programs unfinished.  You were recommended by another group we knew that used your services. Your way of using strengths  to help resolve conflicts is uncanny. You helped us to focus on the strengths, while also discussing the dreaded elephant in the room. I don't know how you got us to unite on one single goal, but you did. Now we are moving forward."  

  - Brian Davidson, Director


​"Thomas (aka TBone), excellent job on providing some conflict resolution leadership training.  We were ready to simply disband the group and go our separate ways.  Your "shared understanding" techniques and application really worked well for our group and even created a closer bond.  it was freakin awesome! Thanks for helping while you were here. We are now helping more  people, productivity for the project increased . Both groups are working together.   You were worth the investment."

- Chris, NewZ Sustainable


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