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  • January 10-13, Houston, TX

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  • TBone (Thomas) is the founder of the REVAMP LEADERSHIP CENTER, an urban leadership development coaching and training business. He began this chapter of his career in 2015 after years in corporate and government life.  

  • He was awarded  Independent Consultant Trainer of the year by Association Talent Development (ATD) in Sacramento. TBone incorporates neuroscience, ubuntu, and current methodologies in his leadership development coaching and training.

  • Social consciousness, he sits on the Board of Directors for SNA and helps fight Human Trafficking & advocates for resources for adult survivors of childhood abuse. During his leisure time he enjoys travel, being a foodie, singing karaoke, throwing clay on the potter's wheel. 

  • He developed and honed his skills in conflict resolution, leadership analysis, corporate & business training, streamlining operations and team coaching while employed at Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, USPS over past 20 years. IPEC certified. 

  • His latest leadership book: Lead Like You Care  Coaching conversations & leadership principles that make you a leader people want to follow.  Available Amazon


- Nelson Mandela -

     -culture changing-

"Thanks TBone! Your latest leadership training course "Lead Like You Care" is fire. The transformation over the past 3 months  with our millennials and inexperienced  leaders has been great.  The training is producing the culture and atmosphere we needed to empower our team and put everyone on the same page.  Your innovative engaging training  is hitting the mark. We all loved the "Girl Power Leadership"section and neuroscience of creating trust." 

 - Jean Whitaker, General Manager

    -executive conflict resolution-

"TBone we are in debt to you.  Our non-profit group had been stifled for over a year, due to in-fighting in the leadership. We ignored it and hoped it would resolve itself.  Then members began leaving, projects and programs unfinished.  You were recommended by another group we knew that used your services. Your way of using strengths  to help resolve conflicts is uncanny. You helped us to focus on the strengths, while also discussing the dreaded elephant in the room. I don't know how you got us to unite on one single goal, but you did. Now we are moving forward. "  

  - Brian Davidson, Director


"Thomas (aka TBone), excellent job on providing some conflict resolution leadership training.  We were ready to simply disband the group and go our separate ways.  Your "shared understanding" techniques and application really worked well for our group and even created a closer bond.  it was freakin awesome! Thanks for helping while you were here. We are now helping more  people, productivity for the project increased . Both groups are working together.   You were worth the investment."

- Chris, New Zealand Sustainable



Coaching A Struggling Executive

I worked with a  senior  manager promoted in a Fortune 500 company.  He led a department.  His organization health index number, performance ranking which measured his group's overall success and satisfaction with his leadership, were in the tank. HIs attrition rate (people fleeing the organization) was 40%,


He was unaware and totally oblivious to the ineffective leadership style he practiced. He had bought into the mantra that leadership looks like......"   Therefore  he adopted authoritarian/coercive leadership styles, instead of being confident in who he really  wanted to be as a person, leader and drawing upon his unique strengths, personality and abilities he possessed. 


We had  a limited time frame of eight months revamp his current  trajectory. 


We coached and  trained to tap into developing his unique hidden talents, update his leadership understandings, and utilize his real strengths of who he was at the core. The assessment helped to pinpoint specific areas focus on. 

After coaching and training, his score increased significantly. Even better, his team and organization actually liked working under his leadership.  Here's another great part, he successfully led his life and his organization from a place of authenticity and enjoyment.  Words not often associated together or practiced in his business world. 



Gender Leadership Challenges

"As an attorney, I work in a male dominant industry. I learned from TBone that whether conscious or by default we all lead. My work environment felt toxic or as TBone shared "Catabolic."  Each night on the drive home, I cursed my plight in life. I really enjoyed being an attorney, but resented the way my partners and colleagues treated me. Could it really be possible that these guys were that oblivious.  I felt like I was on the verge of a meltdown. No matter how much harder or extra I worked, it did not seem to garner the same level of respect or appreciation as my male counterparts. In my world in order to receive that respect it seemed like I had to act or portray their version of a successful masculine attorney. 

I signed up for TBone's conscious leadership development coaching 6 months ago. The coaching has empowered me to shift  my energy or mindset and intention from reactive, victim level energy to serious level 4 and 5 collaboration and create opportunities. It is a process that has taken several steps and deliberate action. TBone coached me and we tapped into an area that began to flourish once I began applying some of the conscious leadership principles. Before I knew it not only were my contributions being recognized, but I was receiving the respect for the uniqueness that I brought to the team.  My new leadership skills are attracting more and more clients.  It was no longer about trying to prove myself to my male colleagues, but celebrating the gifts, talents, skills and energy that I contributed to the team. As I changed, my world changed also. 

I have more work-life balance and have a great grasp on my real strengths and how to utilize them everyday at work and home.  The wonderful result of the coaching is its effect on the other areas and aspects of my life.  This coaching is not just about how you show up and lead at work, but in all aspects of life.  Thanks TBone

Kyona T. , Chicago, IL



Life, business and Relationship Challenges

Danny considered revamp coaching during a crucial time in his life.   His life was spiraling a bit out of control.  He wanted to work toward changing some serious challenges into empowering opportunities for his life, business and relationships. 

“I owe so much to Thomas coaching and consulting both leadership, business and personal.  I had made some bad business choices that also affected me personally.  I needed some serious life changing strategies and application. TBone plugged me into some serious resources and help me stay accountable to the goals we talked about.  A total transformation. Change of thinking, way of life, and my world emerged socially, financially, career, relationships and life is so much better.  My employees are so much happy and work performance is great. I have a gained my personal power and taking charge of my life. The cool impact of all this is that not only is TBone a great coach and consult, but now a good friend."​  -Daniel, Everett WA -

Group Trainings

"Finished the Effective Communication group business training today. As a new millennial entering the workplace not only was this training timely, but some of the best training i have received so far.  Working as engineer I enjoyed how TBone integrated neuroscience research in explaining ins and outs of communicating effectively."   - Ellen, Fresno, CA  -

" I attended the Unlocking Harnessing Power of Emotional Intelligence class you facilitated at the University of Phoenix, January 2018.  It was a requirement for our manager personal development. TBone, of all the management supervisory courses I have taken over the past 2 years, this was the best class I attended so far. Not boring, engaging, interactive and insightful. I hope to attend more of your training and workshops. Thank you."  - Jami, Cypress, CA  

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